Shovelling tweet exposes tyranny of conservative heteronormativity

Shovelling tweet exposes tyranny of conservative heteronormativity

There are statements so atrocious that they’re either terribly unsanitary jokes or the work of a clueless conservative (but I repeat myself) man about to discover that the world has progressed while he was asleep at the switch for the last few decades. 


Who would tweet that their wife, freshly back from an overnight 12-hour shift as a health care worker, was worthy of praise for having found the energy to shovel the driveway? And to take a picture of her doing so? And to add that he was going to make her breakfast now, like that somehow would be sufficient reward for her work? 

Look at meeeee! I make food for my female! I’m such a pink man. 

Instead of, you know, getting up early to shovel the damn driveway himself so she doesn’t have to do it when she gets home after what I’m sure was an already exhausting overnight shift. Which is what any partner (of any gender expression) would do for the love of their life if they were in a position to do so. Because when you love someone you look out for them and do things for them instead of asking god to bless them thinking that’s better somehow than being a decent human being.

He’s all serious, too, you’ll notice. And you can’t believe it. 

I can, being way more familiar with conservative men than I care to admit. (And no, I don’t just mean Erin O’Toole beaming with self-satisfaction that his wife would wait for him with a cold beer.) Let’s just say I have more experience with this than is recommended for a full and happy life. 

I’ll bet you all the money in the world that our latest wife-praising clueless fellow has no idea what’s so wrong with everyone else. It’s even possible his wife agrees with him. I am familiar enough with that domestic world that it wouldn’t surprise me. (And look at the number of likes, in case you don’t believe me.) 

This is what indoctrination into a cult of heteronormative hegemony does to people. It makes them blind to, well, pretty much everything except their existing dogma. And when they hit their hard-praying noses on the wall of 21st-century equality, they retreat further. 

It’s no joke, really.