Pierre Poilievre, the Frontier Centre, and the Coalition of the Toxic

Pierre Poilievre, the Frontier Centre, and the Coalition of the Toxic

Some people are aghast that the leader of his majesty’s opposition gave a talk to a group that denies the many documented evils of residential schools. The fact that this news is coming out mere days after reports suggesting ground penetrating radar had identified 2,000 “areas of interest” at a former Saskatchewan residential school, where human remains have also been found of children who disappeared while at the institution, adds to the horror. 

But not to the surprise. 

The Frontier Centre has never hidden what it is. It is an outfit that raises money by publishing rants against what it suggests are false narratives, for instance that residential schools were part of a government policy that enthusiastically supported cultural genocide, that climate change exists, that COVID-19 is real , or that the gender diverse are real human beings. 

You think I’m exaggerating.

The thing about these people, and I know this from having spent altogether way too much time in their vicinity, is that their hatreds aren’t limited to one or two things. The anti-science goes hand-in-hand with the anti-gay and the anti-COVID and the anti-climate change. It’s like a daisy chain of negativity. (Yes, they have a lot of hands.)

They are also puzzlingly weird. I mean, who the hell claims the pandemic is a matter of body weight?

Predictably, on the centre’s website you’ll find things like a (really) long paper arguing that we went into lockdowns early on in the pandemic because the media were fascinated by European stay-at-home orders. And Preston Manning’s fictionalized account of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. 

Preston Manning. A politician who makes George Santos look modest. 

There’s a lot more stuff on COVID there for anyone who likes to think that “the media” or “the elites” control everything when we can’t even get our pre-teens to eat a fucking baby cucumber with their chicken nuggets. 

If you wish to dive into this mess, I strongly suggest attaching a sturdy rope to something solid beforehand and wrapping said rope around your body good and tight. 

And everywhere this fascination with wokeness. 

There’s also a spirited (if comically inarticulate) defence of Jordan Peterson, some incoherent bleating about freedumb, and a shitload of oft-idiotic content denying climate change, including a bunch from some of my exes who (full disclosure) long ago added my name to their screeds after I specifically told them I wanted nothing to do with their propaganda. Not the only reason they are exes, by the way, but a big one. 

That’s nowhere near the worst. 

Aside from the bit about denying the horrors of residential schools, the centre also publishes a lot of junk about gays. And the transgender. And, really, anyone who’s not exactly like them. 

You think I’m exaggerating. (Emphasis added.) 

School children are thus perceived by the education system as cannon fodder for the coming revolution that will overturn white supremacy, systemic racism, capitalist oppression, LGBTQI++ phobia, and cis-heteronormativity. Pupils are thus being groomed to become “allies” of all gender varieties as well as to try out a new one and to become activists on behalf of the virtuous revolution. “Anti-racism” requires the temporary or permanent separation of pupils into “affinity groups” defined by race; this is the new, good segregation (see also here). “Gender justice” requires that all pupils be “allies” of gay, queer, trans, bi, intersex, etc. individuals and celebrate their “choices.” Meanwhile, as students are groomed to make the “transition” by being encouraged to pick new names and pronouns, being provided trans-closets of clothes for their new gender, and being given access to clinics that prescribe puberty-blocking hormones, all this is hidden from parents, pupils being counseled to say nothing to them.

When homosexuality was being legalized, some people claimed that, if made legitimate, they would come after our children. This was laughed off by most of us, arguing that only the ignorant confused homosexuality, between “consenting adults” after all, with pedophilia, which had nothing to do with homosexuality. Well, how wrong we were, for now they are coming after our children, not perhaps as sex partners, but as recruits. 

“… not perhaps as sex partners…” 


I’ll tell you who’s grooming children. It’s heternormative — usually christian — parents who insist biology is gender and therefore destiny. It’s the people who pressure their children who were assigned female at birth into marrying (a real man, obviously) in order to become a good wife and produce the children required to keep “western” society at the top of the heap, no matter how little it has done to deserve it. 

That, my friends, is grooming. Not telling a kid who comes out as trans or non-binary or gay or two-spirited or just wondering that they are beautiful and perfect exactly as they are, and that they are safe with you.

This pathetic excuse for a tank of so-called thinking has every right to publish whatever nonsense it likes. Freedom includes the right to make a living proving to everyone, over and over again, what a loser you are. And people have the right to separate themselves from their money in order to finance more incoherent screeds. Personally I think that money would be more useful being burned for heat, but anyone is free to believe differently. 

Pierre Poilievre, as a politician, is entitled to give a talk to whomever he wants, incluant les connards qui se distinguent par leur épaisseur et leur insignifiance. But some of us are taking careful notes, and yes, you bet we’ll bring this up every single chance we get. What’s that thing the kids say on the socials? Fuck around and find out

Yeah, well.