Drinking outside? What are we, hooligans?

Drinking outside? What are we, hooligans?
Photo by Marie-Michèle Bouchard / Unsplash

My Citizen column this week asks the sempiternal Ottawa question: Why can't we be chill about shit? Toronto, of all places, now allows adults to drink in public parks. And here in Ottawa we're like, oh, look. A new, fresh, fun idea to allow people to relax and enjoy a drink without having to spend $12 on a pint. Sorry, we just can't. Not even to try.


Lots of legal writing published this week including two articles on competition law reform that you'll love if you're really into competition law. (One. Two.) And if that area of law leaves you colder than an abuse of dominance provision (honk if you get it), there is also one on guidance for biometric technologies, another one on preserving abortion rights and finally a piece on how new regulations on preclearance impact the rights of travelers. Surely I win a prize for versatility with this lineup.

Other than that, I am finishing up two big writing projects before I leave for Paris and shall resume writing about political shenanigans shortly. And also about Paris because one simply must.

Spring is putting up very brave efforts in Ottawa this long weekend and I wish you a lovely, restful time off.