Vote McKenney

Vote McKenney

Ottawa is electing a new mayor and council on Monday. And I’m torn. I do like Mark Sutcliffe a lot — he’s a friend and a good and honourable man. I know he’s hard-working and has his heart in the right place. He’s also extremely competent at a lot of things, most notably building consensus and just not giving up even when things are difficult. 

If he does win on Monday night I won’t be unhappy. I’m sure he’d be a fine mayor.


I believe at the moment what Ottawa needs is a more progressive candidate. A mayor who shows up when people need it. One who has the guts to stare down the bozos. As I wrote in my column:

The details of an electoral platform matter, of course. But not compared to how a person behaves when the chips are down. Catherine McKenney didn’t leave the people of Ottawa to fend for themselves. That makes them a true community leader. One I’m happy to endorse for mayor.

Read the rest, eh? And please vote.