Not Just for Kicks: Dublin, 2016

Not Just for Kicks: Dublin, 2016


A portion of the sales of this book will go to the karate program of Maison de la Gare, in Senegal. This program, started by my friends and fine martial artists Sonia LeRoy and her son Robbie Hughes, benefits talibé children in St. Louis. You can read more about the program at this link.

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What does it take inside and out to compete in karate with world-class athletes? Follow our mother-daughter journey to find out!

Followers of Brigitte Pellerin know her for her work in the Canadian media. But she's also a karate fanatic. She has been training with Douvris Martial Arts in Ottawa since 2001. When kids came along she kept training (modifying a few things to accommodate the belly during pregnancies and of course starting back slowly a few days after giving birth), and each of her three daughters started doing it at the age of four.

Her eldest, Catherine (10), is now a brown-black belt. About two years ago she started asking about joining the competitive team. This is something her mother resisted because she wasn't sure Catherine had the physical and mental stamina to make that commitment and stick to it without being pushed and nagged. In the fall of 2015, as she turned nine, Brigitte decided to say yes. And then decided to try it herself, at the age of 45.

To say the learning curve was steep would be a gross understatement. Our coach, Master John Douvris, trains us exceedingly hard. (Our hashtag #TrainedByASpartan barely begins to describe it.) But the man knows what he's doing; his dojo turns out world champions decade after decade. And indeed both Brigitte and Catherine started competing in January 2016 and by May both had qualified to represent Canada at the WKC World Championships in Dublin, Ireland.

The book chronicles the past year's experience leading up to and including competing in Dublin. It shares lessons mother and daughter learned on the road to the Worlds, lessons that apply to everyone's lives, in overcoming fears and reaching your potential even if your path never takes you anywhere near a dojo.

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