Show some %#^@ respect

Show some %#^@ respect

This week in the Ottawa Citizen I wrote about the War Memorial and how it should be off-limits to any and all protests. 

One of the things that bother me about it is the silence from the usual conservative pro-military law-and-order rule-Britannia pro-anglosphere crowd. If a group of progressives trampled all over the War Memorial to demand gender-neutral bathrooms everywhere, the entire National Post would be wall-to-wall denunciations for weeks. 

Instead, on their opinion page, they are continuing to fight their imaginary demons, blast Justin Trudeau for breathing and attempt to convince themselves that Pierre Poilievre has what it takes to lead the country. It’s possible I missed something — and if you believe I did, kindly forward me the link so I can update this post — but I have not seen or heard a single right-winger blast convoy malcontents for abusing Canada’s war dead. [UPDATE: Two days later, after multiple calls on social media, I still have not found a single example of anyone on the right criticizing the use of the War Memorial.]

Just make sure you remember that. 

Nobody has the right to claim dead soldiers or use them in any way — not even for a good cause. The fact that we have to say this shows the extent of the vandalism these dolts are inflicting on institutions. As I, ahem, also wrote about not too long ago.