Power to the people

Power to the people

It kind of came and went without making too much of a splash but I want to take a minute to say something real nice about the Ottawa People’s Commission into the trucker occupation of January and February. 

No, it’s not the name. That’s a really unfortunate choice, if you ask me. Sounds both Orwellian and nebulous. 

The Commission is, nevertheless, a most excellent idea because it will allow regular people to be heard. Not just professional loudmouths like yours truly. People who are not used to expressing themselves in public who will nevertheless show up and share their stories to ensure it is chronicled but also that whatever lessons need to be learned from the experience are properly passed on. 

There’s more. 

Knowing you’re visible — you exist, you matter, your views are noted — is the first step towards belonging. We can’t have a true community without a sense of belonging. This works to the benefit of everyone in the community, including those who choose not to participate in this particular exercise. 

All the best, unfortunately named commission.