Oh, Tasha

Oh, Tasha

I’ve known Tasha Kheiriddin since before either of us had kids. It’s how I measure time now, bear with me. Mine are almost all teenagers now. So I’ve known her for (counts fingers, adds a couple of toes) a while. 

We’re not close friends or anything. But I have a huge amount of respect for her. 

She is wicked smart, amazingly knowledgeable, caring, sensible, logical, overly qualified, I’m probably forgetting something, AND she’s fluently bilingual and charming to boot. 

But she won’t be running for the leadership of the Conservative party. The party that, if it had any brains, would have freaking BEGGED her to lead it. Instead she will throw her support behind Jean Charest

And I’m upset. 

At a personal level I completely understand. I would not run for the leadership of a political party either. And especially not this one (see “if it had any brains,” supra). 

But gah. 

Once again we’re going to be stuck with an ordinary (I’m trying to be nice) middle-aged white guy because… I don’t know. Why are we forever stuck with ordinary (I’m trying to be nice) middle-aged white guys? 

I’m not here to make Tasha feel bad about a thing. She made the decision she thought best for herself and the people she cares about. I respect that one hundred percent. 

I’m just real upset at the rest of us for making it clear to her that supporting Jean Charest was the best choice.