Oh, stop acting surprised

Oh, stop acting surprised

My column in the Ottawa Citizen this week took the mayor to task for acting surprised at OC Transpo’s financial situation. Transit is a public service, not a business. It’s not meant to turn a profit. Oh, and there are other, more important things the mayor clearly doesn’t get about it. I am rather unstoppable on that subject, since I spent over a year driving for Uber and Lyft in this town — writing not one, but two books on the subject. If you’d like someone to come speak endlessly (but well!) to your group about how we should treat transit in Ottawa, hit me up. 

I had a Q&A with the wonderful and inspiring author Timm Holmes. This is the last of those profiles for now, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet so many great people right here in this town, working every day to make it better. 

In my legal writing for National Magazine you’ll find a slightly dry but important piece(I mean, the subject is important) on balancing the need to fight financial fraud with privacy rights when dealing with the beneficial ownership registry. It’s not for everyone but if it’s for you, you’ll like it.

Why criminalize those who sell sex but leave the purchasers largely alone?

This is terrible news and will result in more vulnerable people getting harmed. Sex work should not be criminal. It should be regulated and safe for clients and providers. And if that’s too much for this prudish society, then prosecute clients twice as hard as those who seek to cater to their needs. If the act is criminal, have the balls to go after and locking up those driving up demand instead of overly punishing vulnerable providers like cowards.

In other news, the “million” people march against trans youth didn’t quite live up to its billing, at least as far as “math” is concerned. The hatred was there alright. But the bigots were significantly outnumbered by counter-protesters in most places. 

En français

En l’honneur de la Journée Franco-Ontarienne, ma maison d’édition nous a demandé de suggérer un livre, et le mien est Premier quart de ma copine Véronique Sylvain. « À l’image de l’autrice, il est à la fois facile d’approche et d’une écriture sophistiquée. »

Local news

If you're looking for something neat to do this weekend, may I suggest a lovely studio tour

One of Ottawa’s favourite walking, biking or driving art tours unfolds in a vibrant neighbourhood known for varied artistic expression and great food establishments. 

Established in 1994, WEST has always been a free event, cooperatively organized by the artists who jury all the new entrants as well.

Now in its 29th year, the tour will take place Sept. 16 - Sept 17 as well as Sept. 23 - Sept. 24, 2023 from 11-5 pm each day.