Cookies 'n Cream

Cookies 'n Cream

Early summer 2021. The grocery store.

Oh look. Cookies and cream ice cream on special. My kids love cookies and cream ice cream. Bring a tub home.

Look kids, I’m not just an evil vegetable tyrant, got you some ice cream!

I hate cookies and cream. (Times two, the third kid hates ice cream altogether.)

Since when?

I don’t know. Ever?

(Nope. OK, fine, whatever.)

Well, I’ll just leave it in the freezer if you change your mind.

Late November 2021. That stupid tub is still in the freezer.

Alright then, if nobody wants to eat this, I’ll just throw it out. Dump the tub in the sink to let it melt away.

Kid #2, happening upon the scene:

Hey! Why are you throwing it out? I love cookies and cream ice cream!

The Endless.