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Sophie's Secrets - Chapter 17

The latest chapter of my Sophie’s Secrets is available on Medium. It’s a work of fiction that includes very mature themes and, well, commensurate language. If you’re easily offended, this isn’t for you.

Sophie's Secrets - Chapter 16

The name she uses is Fatima, and it’s a bit incongruous for someone hailing from the Lower St. Lawrence region. But we’ve agreed to use it for reasons that will become obvious. Gazette columnist Marc Lalonde ventured into the shady world of prostitution for you and came back with stories he hopes will help you, his faithful readers, understand why some women choose to sell their bodies to strangers to make a living. This is the first installment in the series.

If you’ve ever driven south-east from Quebec City you’ll recall the rich farmland on either side of the highway and the majestic beauty of the river. This is the landscape Félix Leclerc saw from his beloved Ile d’Orléans as he strummed his guitar, composing what would become the province’s most beloved poetic anthems. The author of Moi, mes souliers would have understood how one lonely girl with a big imagination would travel to Montreal in search of a better life than what her rural roots would let her grow into.

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Sophie's Secrets - Chapter Fifteen

"I'm pretty sure Sophie isn't your real name, but I don't want to use it. I don't need to know your real name. What name would you like me to use?" 

"Fatima." There was no hesitation, no looking at the ceiling for inspiration. 

"Why Fatima?" 

"It's just a name I like. Once in high school I was in love with a boy from Jordan and he had a sister named Fatima. She was older, very beautiful and kind to me." 

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