It's happened! To me, I mean!

I remember the first time I heard an author say a character in a novel had done something that had surprised him. I didn't understand. I mean, you're the one writing the story, how can anything happening in it be a surprise to you? But this was a writer I admired (if memory serves, it was Mordecai Richler, but I'm not 100% certain - if not him it was someone equally badass), so I couldn't just dismiss the idea outright. Well. It's happened to me! I was out jogging with the pup earlier this morning and pondering one of my characters' next move when suddenly I had this vision of him challenging the main character in a way I had not originally foreseen.

See, the main character is this bitter genXer who's got a massive and public axe to grind. He feels he was cheated out of a properly loving childhood by his parents and here's this 24-year-old journalist assigned to cover his case who decides to challenge him on the merits of his case instead of just covering it. I hadn't seen this coming.

I have to go see if that idea works now. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. Doesn't matter; I'm just excited to have had this experience. (Talk about a runner's high...)

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