You know when your car is out of gas and you keep driving on fumes hoping you'll reach the station before conking out in a really embarrassing manner? Your body works like that, too, sometimes. At least, mine does.

I've been training pretty hard for the last two months or so and the last couple of days I've been feeling like the needle was hugging the E. In part it's the time of year. January through March is always tough for me. I'm an outdoorsy person and I miss the sun (and the lake, and my island, and my grass, and walking barefoot outside). In part it's because I haven't been getting enough sleep because of a big work project I've got going, and it keeps me up at night because that's the only quiet time I get to work. Also I've been kinda half-sicky for two months now, sneezing and snuffling and coughing my little heart out. Those are not excuses. I try not to have excuses (excuses are for losers), they're, er, explanations.

I think.

Anyway, it's hard these days. I never feel like getting up, the morning jog is hard because it's cold and there's ice on the sidewalks. Karate and kickboxing are hard because my everything is constantly sore, my energy levels are in the basement, and I generally feel like an uncoordinated lump of concrete on the dojo floor.

Let's just say I ain't flowing. More like limping.


I have been at it long enough now to know there is - somewhere, not too far - a big nice shiny gas station with clean bathrooms waiting for me. And when I get there I'll fill up again and all will be well and my current discomfort will all be forgotten. I'll start flowing again and I'll feel like, yep, I can do this. So I keep grinding, keeping an eye on that needle just in case...