Here we are. This week (on Saturday) is the Ontario provincial qualifier in London. This is where we find out whether we are good enough to try out for the National team that will represent Canada at the world championship in Ireland in early November. That qualifier is next month in Ottawa. Me, nervous?

Yeah. Yes.

It's my first time trying for Provincials and yes, that makes me nervous. I have been training intensively for just under 6 months now, and done four tournaments. I'm not exactly an expert at these things. But then, since I'm already 45 years old, what's my excuse for waiting longer to find out what size beast I am?

So off to London I go, to try both in traditional kata and point sparring. Since I'm old, I get to be in the 42+ division (and in the lighter weight class for sparring), but I am considering trying also in the 35+ divisions, because why not. We are allowed to compete in any harder division we like. I'm not ready to go play with the 18+ kids yet, but maybe I'd like to know how I stack up against slightly younger women. Baby steps.

Eldest is also going to compete, in the 10-and-under division.

If you're in the area and would like to come cheer us on, for once it's free for spectators so head out to the Carling Heights Community Centre on Elizabeth Street. More info here.