Eldest showed up with the iPod partway through my last fight, the one for women grand champion at the Ontario Grand Nationals tournament on Saturday. Bless her sweet little heart, she had no idea what the fight was or who I was up against. Just the best fighter in the world, no big deal. So she's shouting at me like she thinks I can actually win this. It's adorable. But seriously. It was an honour to be in the same ring as this extraordinary fighter and last as long as I did. I did my very best, but as you can tell, she's a lot more relaxed (and, er, better) than I am. I don't have a video of the fight I won in my age division, but I hope I was a little less tense there.

Bonus: the kick that gave me that scratch on my face I've been wearing like a trophy is included in this footage. Try to spot it. :)

As for me, I learned a lot in these tense 94 seconds that I hope I can build on. Thanks, Ms. Plowden.