Funny what a little world championship does to one's stress levels. We're headed back to Mississauga tomorrow to compete in the Toronto Tournament of Champions (come see us!) and we're excited of course but somehow less nervous than we used to be. Maybe it's due to having competed at Worlds, or maybe I've been so darn busy with work lately that I haven't had a chance to let that tournament sink in and it'll hit me when I get there tomorrow.

We'll see.

This time, though, things are a bit different. Eldest is competing in the traditional challenge (forms) as well as her regular traditional forms and point sparring divisions. She's also competing with me in team traditional forms (synchro) - our first time doing a kata together at a tournament. We've been working on our synchro for a while now so I hope it looks decent enough. And it's good for her because since I'm her partner she has to compete with adult black belts (obviously I'm not allowed to compete with underbelts and/or kids). So yay confidence boost.

Another difference this time: Both Middle Daughter and Youngest are competing. Neither wants to do forms at this point (we haven't had a chance to polish anything, being so busy with Eldest's kata) so they're only doing point sparring. Middle Daughter in the 7-8 Advanced and Youngest in the 6 and under Beginners. Which is quite possibly the cutest division around (usually the pads are bigger than the kids, and it's just adorable to see them go at each other with all they've got). Youngest just started sparring a month ago - she's mostly done drills and maybe 2 fights, but she has no confidence issues and she's going to go in there assuming she can win. It'll be a treat to see.