This is wonderful:

70% of people think the best recipe in the world is the one Mom used to make. Whether it’s a dish she made every weekend, or one that was a family tradition for the holidays, the world agrees that the best recipe always came from Mom.

According to research, our favorite flavors are rooted in much more than taste: Specific flavors are closely tied to our memories and emotions –- so much so that just one bite can transport us back to some of the most meaningful moments in our lives.

Unsurprisingly, these meaningful moments are often childhood memories that we associate with the loving comfort of home. That’s why 82% of people claim that some flavors remind them of home and, of course, their mothers who cooked for them.

Knorr celebrates this power of flavor in the new short film, “Flavor of Home.” The film tells the story of Carmen — a husky guide in the Arctic Circle – and her mother who journeys to bring her the taste of home.

“We believe life should be full of flavor, and what better flavor to celebrate than the taste of home,” said Jon Affleck, Knorr’s Global Brand Director. “We were keen to capture a true and authentic story that brings to life how flavor is so much more than just taste; it’s about emotion.”

The emotional connection Affleck mentions is experienced on a global scale. Knorr recently conducted research in 11 different countries to determine how food registers on an emotional level: In every instance, a large majority responded that food is always associated with life’s meaningful moments and, like Carmen, they often miss their mother’s cooking.

So next time you cook –- or enjoy your mother’s cooking -– be sure to celebrate the lasting memories you’re creating.

So far so much ordinary marketing, right?

Wrong. Because they produced a video that tells a real story, this particular campaign will stick.

Remember: It's always about the stories.