IMG_1922 This morning we stepped way back in time - all the way to the 7th century at the Saxon village in West Stowe, where they have some really cool stuff. Of course John recorded several video clips there, but we also found time to have a little bit of fun, with the youngest assistant modelling 7th-century defensive headgear for the camera.


We then got on the road to Sherwood Forest but unfortunately got mightily delayed by the mother of all traffic jams on the A1. Two hours we sat on that highway, not getting anywhere. Some of us who aren't particularly fond of traffic jams found this a touch aggravating.

The A1, a famous parking lot

Robin Robson

We eventually got through and on we went to Sherwood Forest, which is extremely cool indeed. This is John doing his thing at the Major Oak, where we met a group of very friendly Irish folks who played Robin Hood music and danced for our cameras, which was most excellent. Our last stop for today was at the site of the battle of Stamford Bridge, near York. We then made our way to our hotel just outside Newcastle. Tomorrow morning we go to Hadrian's Wall then on to Scotland!