Rain. We got up with it, and it followed us all day, with only brief interludes here and there. Enough to get some really neat footage, mind you. Today was not as busy on the filming front given how much driving we had to do. We started out at Tintagel in the morning, where we got ourselves thoroughly wet (but also cold!). But oh, what a place. At Tintagel with a very wet, cold and slightly miserable little assistant

Then we drove to a 17-century village called Little Woodham, which stayed open late just for us. What a lovely bunch of people. They've done such a wonderful job of recreating this village and making it fun and interesting. They even have a somewhat half-tamed fox hanging around. We had a grand old time recording a few hits there, then drove to our hotel near Brighton. Tomorrow, we go to Hastings, then up north-east towards Oare and High Laver to talk invasions, James II, and more John Locke.