First day of filming in London, first with a few hits near Westminster, then something about Boadicea, then something about Sherlock Holmes, then something about the Battle of Britain, then something about the Tower of London, also something about Roman walls and a few odd bits besides. At the end of this long day we drove out to Bristol and stopped on the way to Solisbury Hill for something very special (plus another bit of filming about King Arthur). So far so excellent. We had a few minutes of sprinkles but no actual rain, so we're feeling pretty good about our weather karma so far. Tomorrow we go to Bath to chat Romans, then it's out to Wrington to talk about John Locke, then Cadbury Castle to discuss Camelot then off towards Cornwall for the next day at Tintagel.

Can't come to London without a shot of Big Ben

We were lucky to be allowed to film on the grounds of Westminster Abbey

221B Baker Street...

A very apropos beer to share tonight

A visit to beautiful Solisbury Hill, which the production assistants especially enjoyed