It's not true that it rains all the time in England. But when it does rain, it does rain. This morning was very soggy and windy and just ridiculously wet. I joked at some point that we were so wet we were starting to feel British. But we decided to go to the site of the Battle of Hastings even if we had to swim. The challenge when filming in the rain is twofold: Keeping the equipment (especially the lens) dryish, and keeping the talent mostly dryish. This means the rest of us who aren't John or the camera get wet. Where England got conquered

Keeping the lenses and the talent dryish

And I do mean wet. But we did get good stuff, if I say so myself. We then drove to Oare, to the site where James II failed to flee to France back in the Glorious Revolution. By then the sky was clearing up a bit and we rejoiced mightily. After that we drove to High Laver to go pay a visit to the bones of John Locke in an exceedingly charming old church.

See? It doesn't always rain...

Mr. Sun was back in time for our visit to John Locke

Tomorrow bright and early we go to a Saxon village, then we're off to Sherwood Forest then Stamford Bridge. We shall spend tomorrow night in Newcastle.