Well! Walking all over London when you're not rushing from one filming spot to another schlepping 35 pounds of equipment is actually quite fun. Still tiring, mind you, but excellent. We went to Regent's Park and bumped into the Pride parade (it seemed very big this year, and lots of folks were wearing Orlando arm bands or waving Orlando signs). Then we went to the British Museum to let the kids soak in all that history, and finally see some of the things we'd been talking about, like the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles, mummies, and so on.

We then took a double-decker bus to fulfill Eldest's dream of riding at the top through London, and ended up at the Tower of London hoping to get in for a tour but banging our noses against a closing gate. We decided to come back tomorrow afternoon to get the full experience.

Also on the menu for tomorrow is a quick trip to the Natural history museum to see what kinds of dinos they have, and a meeting with the artists who performed the Magna Carta song for our documentary. I come bearing maple butter treats because Canada eh?

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