Egbert It's about as obscure a thing as you can imagine, so of course my husband needed to find it and film a segment on it back in April when we were in England. It's an important relic from a crucial battle won by Alfred the Great in his struggle to throw out the Danes way back in the 9th century. Or so he says.

I'm all for obscure relics, but this one was special. Nobody really knows quite where it is. John's best guess, after doing plenty of research, was in field near a church in Kingston Deverill (yeah, when we do obscure, we don't do it half-way). Turns out this was only semi-accurate; the stone is in a junk yard near a falling-apart older than dust church in a little place that cannot be called a town it's so small. (Though I'm sure the people - of whom we saw roughly none - are charming.)

But. That was the part of the trip where Mama was stuck with the aggressive stomach bug after it had hit one kid the day before and another kid that morning. I'd been very sick in the parking lot at Stonehenge (huh? bet you can't say the same), which it turns out we weren't allowed to film at, then I'd gotten back in the car (yes, I *had* to keep on driving, we were on a very tight schedule and tighter budget, John and our cameraman needed to be in the other car and my kids aren't old enough to drive) to get to this obscure stone, which I wasn't able to see because by the time we'd parked our cars in the lovely outskirts of the junk yard I was violently sick again. Also still jet-lagged and generally miserable with kids ditto, though I'm glad to say the bug was of the "strong but relatively short-lived" variety and I was back to my abnormal self a few hours later phew.

Nevertheless, John was able to film his segment, but the poor stone never made it to the final cut of the documentary. So I decided to put it in the "making-of" mini-documentary I'm in the middle of producing, and what do you know, as I was just finally sitting down to edit that segment this morning, Windows, which normally works like a charm, crashed horribly. Blue screen of death and everything.

I don't want to sound superstitious or anything, but do you think maybe that stone is cursed?