This blog post is dedicated to backer extraordinaire John Tattrie:

We had team training this morning - about 45 minutes of semi-light work, just to get things loose and work out some nerves. Then Eldest and I went for a little jog, took a shower and went out to the nearby mall in search of lunch. Specifically for mama, in search of raw veggies. Fortunately - yes! - they had them. They also had thick Irish cream and custard. And (don't tell anyone) artisanal dark chocolate. Much happier now.

Where I found my veggies. They also had minions. Neat.

We then got in our lovely little car and drove to Dún Laoghaire (please don't ask me to pronounce it) on the coast. We wanted to put our footsies in the Irish Sea again, but this time from the Irish side. We were in Wales in June and went to the same sea from that side, and it was neat to say hello to that body of water again. I think it recognized us.

People in Dún Laoghaire have a great sense of humour.

Back to the hotel for a Team Canada picture, which only took forever to get together (we're a big crowd and we can get a touch disorganized when it's time to line up), then people dispersed for dinner and whatnot. Eldest and I are making an early night of it, because we are both up competing in traditional forms in the morning, right after opening ceremonies.

I am unreasonably fond of that lovely little car.

A quiet day, spent trying not to stress out too much. Tomorrow it gets really real.