One day of rest* to visit Ireland

Today was a day off, the only time we had free to visit Ireland. I had a big must on my list: Go see the Book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin. We got that done first thing in the morning (excellent - go if you're ever here), then we hopped back in the car and zoomed off to Galway on the west coast.

Yes, one can cross an entire country in two hours. Actually we took about three because we dawdled and ate lunch and stopped for tea and whatnot, but still. From a Canadian perspective it's a touch surreal.

Galway was excellent. We had some fun time on the beach (yes, in the water to our knees, yes it was cold, yes we're crazy let's just move on) then Catherine wanted to go see the aquarium there so we went. That was her big treat. I offered a few options, including touring some castles, but she said, "No, I've seen lots of castles already, I'd like the aquarium please." And it's true. She has seen a lot of castles, big and small. Fishies it was.

A good choice, it turns out. For they had tanks that were quite open and accessible and they didn't mind at all if I stuck my hand in them and filmed the fish with my GoPro. I have some neat closeup shots in my video bank now. Then we took off for Dublin but via Limerick this time and crossed an entire country back to our hotel. We are now packed, and pretty much ready for another short night sleep before our flight home in the morning. We'll be sad to leave Ireland behind, but happy to see our people again.

*HAHA! Just kidding. We never rest. But we had a great time.

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