This blog post is dedicated to David Dimitri: bloodyhannahweb

Today was a day for cheering since I had nothing to compete in. It was kids point fighting and adult continuous fighting, none of which I currently compete in. So cheer Eldest and I did, starting at 9 am and ending at 4 pm. It's a full-time job, you know. We're beat.

It was neat, though, because I don't usually have that much time to wander around the rings watching our kids fight. I'm usually fairly busy with my own things, and even when I'm not up I constantly have to keep an eye on the clock and on the proceedings to make sure I don't miss my divisions. That'd kind of look stupid to lose because you failed to show up. But today I had nothing to show up for, and that gave me a level of freedom I rarely have and mightily enjoyed.

All our kids fought hard, many of them advanced to the gold-medal round (that's Friday) and many more earned a bronze medal today. It was a treat to watch them. Special mention goes to Hannah, who had to fight three difficult opponents to finish first in her division - getting a wicked kick to the face in the last second of her first fight that gave her a splendid nose bleed. The nice medics plugged it tight with this big white wad of something real absorbent and off she went to fight two more rounds, like the boss she is.

Now Eldest is off to movie night, while I wind down and rest. I'm up fighting in two divisions tomorrow morning, 10 o'clock Dublin time (that's 6 am in Ottawa).