This blog post is dedicated to Mark Sutcliffe:

Yesterday we spent the better part of an hour gathering ourselves in our team colours for a lovely team photo complete with pep chant. I hope you'll agree we're looking pretty sharp.

It's not easy to herd so many people and we were fighting a slowly but surely setting sun... but we made it! Opening ceremonies start at 9 this morning (that's 5 am if you are in Ottawa - sorry), and competition starts at 10:30 here (6:30 am in Ottawa).

You can follow some of the action here:

It's now 5:15 in the morning in Dublin (that's ZZZZ time to you if you're back home), and Catherine and I will head out for a short light jog shortly, followed by a solid healthy brekkie. We'll head down shortly after 8 am for the Team Chant.

Competition: Mama should be up around 11:00 (about 7 am in Ottawa) then again around 11:30 (these are guesses - I'm competing in veteran women 35+ traditional forms and veteran women 42+ traditional forms). Catherine, who's competing in 10 and under girls classical kata, shouldn't be up much before 12:30 (8:30 am in Ottawa) but could be later; her division is near the end and it's hard to predict how long the other ones will take. But basically if you're in Ottawa cheering for us, have good thoughts flowing between 7ish and 1pm-ish and that should work, thanks!