This blog post is dedicated to Mary Gibson: Customs face

We checked in and waited and flew and transferred and waited and flew and waited and so on, and eventually we got here, yay! We even managed to sleep most of the way from Toronto to Dublin, which helped us a great deal in the "how not to be zombies" department.

Anti-Trump ad

We got into our cute and tiny rental car and headed into town, in search of a cupcake for Catherine (it's her birthday today), and sure enough, people have strong feelings about Donald Trump here, too.

Lovely hotel

We found an excellent piece of chocolate cake and wandered around central Dublin for a bit, then found our way to our hotel (it's magnificent, and nowhere near as expensive as it looks, phew). We put away our stuff and went to register for the championships and get Mama weighed. It all went splendidly. We found ourselves a nice sandwich to share for dinner, Skyped with the homefront, and now we're about to go downstairs for Mom's Guinness.

Kinda reminds you of The Shining, except clean

We are tired now and will sleep like logs - one extra hour, too, since daylight saving ends tonight over here, yahoo. Will have more to say tomorrow.