This blog post is dedicated to Keith Bryan: We landed at Ottawa Airport at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. We had a pleasant reunion with the home front, conked out early, and woke up this morning pretty much back to abnormal (with an extra load of laundry).

In Toronto yesterday while waiting for our connecting flight our coach asked me what my thoughts about the Worlds were. I'm quite happy, on the whole, especially for a first time. But there are things I now have to work on to get better and improve my chances to do better next year in Orlando. Oh yeah. Because we intend to do this again. Harder, stronger, faster, better. And who knows, if Middle Daughter decides to join in the fun, there might be three of us next year.

So of course that means we go back to training, and since there's no better time than the present, why not start now? See you at noon, Sensei.