This blog post is dedicated to Tom Marlay:

I make it a point not to publish under the influence but 1) every rule has exceptions; 2) we just concluded an amazing week of competing and 3) Ireland. They have adult beverages here. So:

Today I got to witness my two training buddies Anna Bélanger and Martina Couture fight for gold in sparring. Anna took gold and Martina silver (they were in different weight divisions, they didn't have to fight each other). I am exceedingly proud of my Douvris Mamas even though they made me cry.

Together us three got nine medals, and we celebrated with some whiskey, because apparently it's a thing. (A good thing.)

It was wonderful to experience this tournament. I have lots I'll need to say about this (and many - many - pictures and videos to show, too), but for now I'll take Saturday more or less off and take Eldest on a madcap tour of Ireland before flying home Sunday morning.

Thanks for following us on this journey and for cheering us along during the tournament. Every message, Facebook like and retweet was noticed and appreciated. You guys rock.