This blog post is dedicated to my old pal Alain Gaudet (@nepaslacher):

Did I mention there was some fighting happening today? 

The fun started with the 35 and over (the "younger" veterans), -65kg. Six of us. Two get a free pass to the semi-finals (random draw). I'm not  among them. I have to fight my way up, starting with a Scottish woman I'd never seen before in my life. She was excellent (she won both her fights and will fight for gold Friday). I lost that fight, and was eliminated. 

Two divisions later I was up again, this time it was the older bunch (42 and over), still -65Kg. Again, 6 ladies (not all the same). Again two of them get free passes to the semi-finals. Again, self not among them. 

My first fight was against a Welsh woman I'd never seen before and I won that fight fairly handsomely then I was up against last year's gold medal winner, an American who will also fight for gold on Friday, and lost that one 8-6 (if memory serves, which I do not guarantee), and that lets me go home with a bronze medal. 

I'll take it. 

Tomorrow bright and early we have team fighting, then I'm up for the final rounds in two kata divisions. So I'll be in bed early.