This blog post is dedicated to Daniel Finnerty:

Big thanks to Sensei Cody Diesbourg for being there to coach Catherine

Well! After all these preparations and after all this training and everything else, it was finally time to do what we came here to do.

We started the day with the opening ceremonies, followed by a day of forms competition. Mama was up earlyish, in traditional forms women 35 years and older. There were six of us and I placed fourth, which was enough to send me to the final round on Thursday (only the top four stay in the game). Then it was traditional forms women 42 years and older. There were 10 of us and I placed third, which was a decent improvement in a short period of time. So that means I'm in the final round for both divisions, Thursday afternoon.

Catherine's division didn't begin until a little bit past noon. She was doing classical kata, girls, 10 and under. There were eight girls in her group and she tied for fifth place. Which was not enough to send her to the final round.


I know I always say I'm proud of her, and she's doing the best kata she can, and she's doing a strong kata, and it's all true. One of the reasons I'm so proud of her is the fact that every time we talk to her about something she needs to improve she actually works on it and by the time she's at her next competition that thing is visibly improved. Today she did very well. She gave it all, didn't hold anything back. That's all I'd asked her to do.

She took it hard. She was very disappointed not to make it to the final round. But we talked about it and she's feeling better now. She's determined to work to make her kata even better, and I know she will. Big shout-out to Sensei Cody Diesbourg (with the hat in the picture, above) for showing up and giving her guidance and reassurance.

Catherine is now done competing, so her job is to help me get ready for my other divisions (fighting on Wednesday, team fighting on Thursday, kata finals also on Thursday, and possibly fighting on Friday as well), cheer our other teammates, hang out and have fun. I am not competing tomorrow so we're spending the day cheering the kids who are up fighting, and resting up to be top shape for Wednesday.