Don't laugh - this is harder than it looks... I mean, the sweaters come before the pants... Today is this year's first "hang the laundry out to dry" day. WOO HOO! And to make matters better, today is also "Brigitte is finally making progress on not being so obsessive about same" day.

Yay me.

No, really. I have massive OCD issues (mostly in red though). And I used to be unable to hang laundry out to dry unless it was ordered by human (smallest to biggest), with the PJs first (tops before pants), followed by the t-shirts, pants, then sweaters. Items that go in pairs had to be next to each other. All laundry items had to face the same way on the line. Each clothes peg had to be a certain distance to the edge of the item.

It went on like this for years. Until last year, when I suddenly realized there was very little point in all this order.

I still can't stand complete chaos on the clothesline, mind you. I keep the adult clothes together, and the kids' stuff together. Everything has to face the same way. But otherwise, it's almost laundry freedom in the Robson backyard.

Yes, it still gives me trouble to hang things out like I did this morning. I swear I have trouble breathing when I do it. OCD is funny, especially if you don't have it. Because it's so silly and pointless. But when you have it and are trying to get rid of it, it's not so cute.

I like the progress I've made so far. I shall give myself a treat. But only a sweet one.