Training partner and karate mom extraordinaire Martina Couture took this picture of me waiting to do my kata Tomorrow is our big tournament. Yesterday was a day more or less off (just a short jog in the morning). Today is also less physically intensive (a medium jog this morning, with a sparring seminar tonight). The time for hard training was earlier this week. Now it's a mind game.

And I'm afraid I'm not very good at this one. I can train hard for many hours every day, that's not a problem. But getting in the right mental space and staying there, well, that's something else.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm a ball of nerves.

My strategy is to keep myself busy (not a terribly challenging task - have you seen my to-do list?), help out with the organization of the tournament, and just try to remind myself that it's OK not to be a world champion just yet, that I took 10 years off sparring while I made babies and only started again last fall, that I have trained hard, that I don't actually stink as bad as all that, and to get in the ring with a plan that's easily changeable should my opponents not fall for it. I shall keep my shoulders relaxed, watch my distances, snap my techniques back, and avoid blocking with my face.

That's a good mental place. Now I just need to stay there another 30 or so hours...