So I had a decent day yesterday at the Cobra International tournament in Laval. My kata was better a bit than at previous tournaments, and so were my scores. I got silver, and although I know I have a lot more work to do to get better and - more importantly - to get consistently better and not just better-on-my-good-days, I am pleased by yesterday's small bit of progress. I didn't do quite as well in sparring yesterday. I fought a woman who's better and faster than me and lost. I did score a few points and generally did not feel like I was in the wrong league or anything, but she was clearly better than me. She then went on to win by about the same point margin against a lady I beat at the last tournament, and that made the insecure teenager inside me feel better.

Yeah, well, nobody's perfect. Especially not me.


The great thing about fighting someone who's better than you is that they teach you great lessons. And yesterday I learned that timing and quick reaction times make a big difference. I mean, I already knew that, but yesterday I really knew it.

So back to training we go and work on all this great stuff.