To develop properly, children need to feel loved

A very powerful and interesting piece about the importance of attachment for young children. Pay special attention to the issue of touching. Children, especially little ones, need to feel loved. They need to have their parents spend time with them, hold them, cuddle them, play with them, and so on. Unfortunately, many young kids these days spend the majority of their time away from their parents, in the care of teachers and caregivers who are made to not touch the kids because everyone is paranoid about sexual abuse. Which is of course an evil thing that ought to be prevented when possible and harshly punished otherwise. But preventing everyone from touching their young charges is extremely hard on the kids, who need warmth and human contact. They respond very well when they get it, too. I know of no better way to get an unfocused child to look at you than to put his face in your hands and turn it towards you. I know of no better way to make a kid feel how proud you are of her progress than by giving her a massive high five and a hug. And as far as I know there is no better way to make a little child feel comfortable than to pick him up in your arms and rock him gently.

I see many kids growing up without enough physical contact with adults who actually care about them. These kids are emotionally starved, and it shows. Many tend to act up and become obnoxious and defiant because that's the only way they have found of getting the attention they crave.

Kids don't need enriched classes and six different kinds of extracurricular activities. They need time, love and attention from their parents. Please don't neglect that.

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