This Aussie dad found out the hard way. He's awfully cute, isn't he. And remember this, people: All mothers are working mothers, whether they stay home or not. Personally, I could not have gone the daycare route (can't leave my babies with strangers, just can't), but that doesn't mean a career-less life. Instead of having to choose between the two, I arranged my life (pre-children) so that I could continue doing my writing and other work while caring for my kids and homeschooling them. Is it perfect? No. Nothing ever is. Has my career taken a hit? Yes, for sure. But I don't mind.

Whatever domestic arrangements you prefer, know this: having kids is very different than not having kids. And never - ever - take anything for granted.

Also? Have fun. Kids are a blast, and those early years only last so long. Try to laugh off the barf. Like this:

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