This is it. This weekend is our first tournament together, Eldest Daughter and I. She's done a few local tournaments in the last two years, and I've done a few local ones too, but mine were almost 15 years ago so, er, well, that is to say... I'm a touch nervous.

We had a long talk about it this morning here's the gist of what I told her.

  1. Remember that I love you.
  2. Remember to fight clean, even if your opponents don't. Titles and trophies are not nearly as important as your honour and character.
  3. Remember that sometimes judges and refs make mistakes because hey, we're all human. Accept the ruling with good grace and move on.
  4. Always show respect for your opponents, their coaches, the judges and referees. If you win a fight, bow to the ref and your opponent and go shake hands with your opponent's coach before you start celebrating.
  5. Fight to win, but don't worry about winning. Worry about being a good person. That way when you win you'll still be pleasant to be around.
  6. Now go kick ass. ;)