The libertarian view on modern schooling

Oh, I know, that's not the title of the piece. But that's no doubt what prompted it. How the modern schooling experience contributes to a society of mindless sheep easily controlled by Big Government. Again, that's not what they're saying, but (if you follow) that is what they're saying.

And they are of course right. Samples:

In school you don’t have to do much of anything to go from grade to grade.  It takes a greater act of will to not move to the next stage.  This mindset is killing you.  It places the locus of control outside of yourself.  It lures you into assuming, so long as you obey the rules, you’ll get handed the next piece of paper, promotion, or quality of life enhancement.

Follow the rules, don't make trouble, and everything will line up for you and give you a comfortable, worry-free existence.

“Raise your hand and wait to be called upon.  Get in single file lines.  Even your basic biological needs cannot be met without permission.  You get a hall pass to go to the bathroom.  You eat only when scheduled.”

This is what James Altucher might call the “Pick me!” mindset.  It’s the belief that your own desires and actions - your very freedom - is something conferred upon you by authority.  It’s waiting to get the call, hoping to get chosen for the job, anxiously awaiting the results and decisions of processes and actors over which you have no control.  “If only I ask in the right way, they’ll say yes!”

This supplicant mindset is poison.  It’s what opens the way for despots in society at large and desperation in your personal life.  It’s time to choose yourself.  Don’t wait for permission.  Just do it.

And so on.

Personally, I homeschool because I think schools don't teach children anything much that is useful except perhaps for how best to recycle. I mean, that's handy. We should all know how to recycle. Totally. But that's not enough.

I want my children not only to know how to read and write and do their math properly. I want them to understand where they came from, so we study world history. I want them to understand other people, so we study languages (Latin and French at the moment). I want them to play music, and draw, and knit, and learn to keep house (yes, I would teach them if they were boys, too). I want them to learn how to shop, how to interact with all sorts of people of all sorts of ages, so they come with me everywhere I go. I want them to learn a few trades, so they observe how their parents work to renovate the house and learn the basics of home renovations. We take them when we travel for work, and they help with the filming and the carrying of equipment.

Public school just can't compete with me when it comes to giving my children the best education they deserve. Some private schools might be able to, but I can't afford those so homeschooling is our best choice.

There are others, depending on your situation. All I'm saying is, don't settle for anything that treats your precious children as cogs in a machine that is indifferent to their profound happiness (and so what if that makes me sound like a hippie).

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