A great post on how to stay sane while homeschooling

My friend Véronique has a long and pretty exhaustive post on the challenges of homeschooling, here. If you are struggling with homeschooling or thinking about giving it a try but aren't sure about your abilities to pull it off, I strongly encourage you to read it. I would add two very important things:

1) If you're homeschooling many people will automatically assume you're not sane to begin with, and they do have a point, so don't overstress yourself. You do what's best for your family and that's just that. You do not need to conform to other people's expectations of what your life ought to be like. The decision to homeschool, like the decision to stop eating meat pumped with hormones, is a deliberate act of opting out of mainstream society. Don't expect mainstream society to feel all pleased to be abandoned like that. You're effectively thumbing your nose at it so it will often reply in kind. That's why there's so much hostility to homeschooling, but also real genuine bewilderment. Answer questions politely and otherwise ignore the bile.

2) Always remember this: No matter how bad you think you're doing, the school would do worse. You are nowhere near as bad as the school system, not even on your worst days. I know, I've spent nearly 20 years in that system, on the receiving end of some thoroughly and consistently bad teaching. That was a while ago and I hear it's only gotten worse in the (gasp) two decades since. So there. You don't suck, the system does. Chill.

(One more thing: There are no homeschooling problems so big that can't be solved by an afternoon of running around for the kids followed by dark chocolate and wine for the mom. Try it, you'll see.)

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