I like this:

Snapchat, helping the youths connect with history. One topical filter at a time.

Anzac Day, held each year on April 25, marks the date Australian troops landed at Gallipoli, Turkey in 1915 during World War I. It's a day of remembrance for those who served, and what better way to memorialise the tragedy of war than with a bunch of thematic Snapchat filters to share with your mates?

The company created three custom options for the day, including a wreath of poppies with the tagline "Lest We Forget," as well as a coin paddle, which is used for the Aussie gambling game, two-up — only legally played publicly on Anzac Day.

Snapchat also created a live story that users could submit to for the occasion. The montage started out with footage from a dawn service in Auckland, New Zealand, where the day is also celebrated, and some quite lovely video of veterans marching. It then moved swiftly on to people drunkenly playing two-up in a pub with Postman Pat. Yep, about right.

Well, OK, maybe this isn't quite perfect yet. But it's a start! Young people these days have so little idea what happened in the world before they personally were born, and even less idea why any of what happened before they showed up matters, that I want to applaud just about any effort at historical awareness.

Here's another contribution to this worthwhile task. No drunken gambling involved, but it's still interesting.