Your brain on a low-fat diet

I try not to follow every new food/health craze, because you can go nuts in no time flat trying to follow all those recommendations that often contradict each other. But I've spent many years training very hard and finding the best way to look after my body, with results that I think are fairly decent. I'm told I don't look my age (I'm 42), I am rarely sick and don't suffer (knock wood) serious injuries even though I beat myself up pretty hard (6-8 hours of martial arts and 18-20 KM of jogging per week). My secret? I need sleep (7.5 hours night), protein (1 g of protein per kilo of body weight per day), good fat (real butter, heavy cream, stinky cheese, fish oils), water (at least 3 litres per day) and exercise.

So now you'll understand how much I enjoyed reading this...

I am absolutely convinced that low-fat, low-meat and non-fibre carb diets are responsible for many health problems we find today, even among folks who are trying their best to stay healthy. Now researchers are starting to wonder whether those diets contribute to Alzheimer's disease, too. Your brain needs fat, your body needs protein, and no-fibre carbs are pretty much a negative (though an often delicious one). It's time we brought back diets that work well for the human body.

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