When mothers leave

It's a taboo alright, and for very good reasons. Mothers aren't supposed to walk out on their families. But as this story vividly explains, there are times when it's mighty tempting. I have never walked out on my kids, but I'd be lying if I said I've never been tempted. Of course I have. They can sure push buttons. And there's no telling what I might do with teenagers (who at least can cope if/when you leave for a breather).

And that's the important lesson from that piece. Sometimes moms need a breather. A little bit of time and space to recover. And it's OK to take it. If that means parking the toddler in front of a movie to go sip a miraculously-still-warm cup of tea in the other room, do it. If that means throwing your brood at a helpful friend for a few hours just to nap, do it. Take small breathers as much as you can - that's the best way to avoid needing a major one.

Why you should embrace discomfort

Better not psychoanalyze this...