My beloved Surface Pro conked out on Friday. Without warning, without any way to get it started again, it just up and died. It is one of the most terrifying things that could happen to me. I am very much computer-dependent in my daily life. But somehow I'm not terrified.

I must be a different person. I'm so relaxed about it I'm almost scared of myself.

On the plus side, that computer was still under warranty and Microsoft owes me a new one (same model, not the newer one, but still - I get a working computer sometime in the next week). Also, assuming my backup system works as advertised, I only lost about 5 days' worth of work.

Guess who's going to do backups twice a week now?

Anyhow. Dear Husband, who's better at dealing with customer service than I am (that's not saying much, trust me), got it all organized with Microsoft and had my dead brick of a machine packaged and shipped in a flash. (He's very sympathetic to my plight. He's also extremely computer-dependent.)

He also very kindly lets me use his computer a few times a day, for my most urgent stuff. It's massively inconvenient but I'm putting up with it like a big girl.

I just gave myself ice cream...