Revealing typo

Just read this touching piece, which of course hit me like a ton of bricks because I, too, struggle with anxiety, depression and stress. It's this bit that got me:

That “anxiety needs the future,” and “depression needs the past.”

I know the answer to all these problems is to be more in the present. To stop worrying so much about everything. To stop trying to control everything. And to stop ruminating about the past. I've made what I believe is a fair bit of real progress in the last 15 or so years, but I'm far from cured. In fact I'm wondering if I've hit a bit of a plateau that I somehow need to ditch.

I've been thinking lately (i.e. the last 18 months or so) that mindfulness, breathing, meditation, maybe even yoga, would help me get moving again in the right direction, but golly, who's got time for that? (I know, I know.) I sure don't. But maybe that's why I need to do it. But how? Don't know. Will figure something out.

In the immediate, though, I thought I'd write myself a note reminding me to just stop every now and then (a few times a day) and take a few seconds to just think about where I am, and to remind myself to make sure my brain is where my body is. That I'm neither stressing about the future nor depressing about the past (or vice versa). That I should take a few seconds to look around, see where I am, and express gratitude for all the good things I've got.

So I'm writing that note to myself and it includes the line "Have your brain be where you body is" but of course I type it wrong and it reads "have your brain be where your convoy is" and...

... yeah. The convoy that's carrying all that unneeded emotional baggage... that's exactly what it is. I'm carrying too much stuff inside me. Maybe I also need to declutter my insides a bit. That might leave more room for all that healthy mindfulness stuff.

No, I don't have time for that either. But maybe that's why I really need to do it. Sigh.

An evening in beautiful Morrisburg

Mr. Sun doing his glorious thing