Mom without a model

These stories are very inspiring. Women who grew up in foster care and who manage to keep their families together - that's not easy to do. People often think that others get themselves in trouble because of bad choices they made, and for sure there is more than enough of that to go around. But sometimes, people get handed pretty juiceless lemons out of which they must squeeze something sweet regardless.

This weekend especially people are reminded to get in touch with their mom and let them know how much they appreciate everything she's done.

I won't be doing that. While I did not grow up in conditions as terrible as what' described in the story above, I had no decent role model when I became a mom. In fact, my usual shortcut when I'm not sure what to do is to imagine how the people who call themselves my parents would have reacted and do the exact opposite. Yeah, they screwed up pretty bad.

Raising kids is hard. And I come from a long line of parental screw-ups. But I'm not condemned to repeat it. If you have a proper support network - a loving, supportive family that's more or less normal - take a moment to appreciate it and voice your appreciation. If you don't have that network, remember this: It is possible to break a bad cycle and do something good for your children even when you weren't treated right. It's very hard. But also very worth it. Think how much you would have wanted to be treated decently, and remind yourself that how you treat your children more than makes up for what happened to you.

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