Why you should embrace discomfort

A fascinating piece on the one benefit of exercise most people miss. The ability to deal with discomfort, that to most of us comes from pushing ourselves past our limits on a regular and frequent basis. Pain and effort are what most people who don't exercise dread about starting to train. And it's the one thing that would make them less scared - not just of the pain and effort but of other everyday stressors as well.

Exercise is not enough. To get those benefits one must exercise in such a way as to really push the body and the mind into accomplishing things one never thought were possible. Obviously you don't have to start unduly crazy. But no matter where you are on the fitness scale (even if you're not even on that scale - like for instance if you're on the couch), you can start somewhere. And as you learn to push, you'll get past that somewhere to somewhere else, which also happens to be better.

Which is the point of the whole thing.

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