It's difficult to maintain good habits while traveling. Especially when you're traveling with us. We're not exactly easy-going. Up at five, working all day, in bed around midnight - rinse and repeat during 13 days. Eating roadside food because we don't have time to sit down for meals. I did try very hard to buy fruits and veggies and good cheeses and such, but it's not always available (or appealing) when you're far from significant population centres. I joked at some point that I was surviving on pork pies and tea. It worked fairly well, all things considered. Then there's the whole "either you're walking around carrying 35 lbs of equipment for 10 hours or else you're sitting in the car for 12 hours" work schedule, bookended by two long flights. That's tough on the joints.

All this to say I was both very keenly looking forward to and at the same time dreading going back to the dojo. I went and did a karate class at noon, then did another hour of training at 3. It felt awesome and also painful. My poor hips couldn't cope with all the kicking. And now of course I walk around with very stiff legs. But it feels good to be back.