So yes. I'd be lying if I said that yesterday's fun didn't make me a bit stiff this morning. Ahem. Yes. A bit. I went for a quick short jog first thing to loosen things up (didn't work) and worked as hard as I could for about 85 of the first 90-minutes of the workout and then ran out of gas. So the good news is: I *almost* made it! The bad news? There is no bad news. It's all good. I trained harder these past few months than I've ever done in my life. I'm in better shape now that I've ever been. Heck, I'm in better shape than most people half my age. So I'm stiff and sore and couldn't *quite* manage to last until the bitter end of training this morning? That's fine. No problem there at all.

Now off to the lake we go (via Home Depot to buy and carry building materials; or why I am eating a hearty lunch), and back to the dojo tomorrow for more fun.

What, no day off? No, not really. Usually the morning after big training is sore, but not nearly as sore as the morning after that. So that's why I try not to take days off. It's when you stop that it really starts hurting. But I confess that tonight my workout will be of the aquatic kind. Variety is good for you.