[... in your food, that is.] Are you still listening to the "experts" telling you to eat and drink low-fat this and fat-free that? Are you restraining your fat intake in order to slim down without managing to lose much weight?

Go read this.

I've said this plenty times and I'll say it again: Your body needs more fat than you think and less sugar than you realize. Low-fat foods are loaded with sugars and terribly poor in good fats. It's a recipe for HUGE trouble.

Eat butter, drink whole milk, have the real kind of cheese. Just watch your quantities. Heck, I eat the 10% fat yogourt and use nothing but heavy cream. Because it tastes awesome and satisfies my body. For here's the secret: When you give your body what it needs, it's less hungry. And when you're less hungry, you're less tempted to dive head-first into the cookie jar.

It's a much easier, saner, and successful way to lose that stubborn fat.